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Illinois is a fascinating state, the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, home to ten land-based casinos, and the most recent state to respond to the 2018 repeal of PASPA with new gambling legislation. However, there is one major issue: they have yet to implement the new regulations. Illinois, like the majority of other states, has not fully legalized gambling, but certain land-based establishments and activities are permitted. The State’s legal framework for online wagering in Illinois is difficult to comprehend. In contrast to casinos in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, it is not yet open season for online casinos in the United States. However, a new law has been ratified, and it is about to completely transform Illinois online gambling.

Our Reviews of Online Casinos in Illinois

This document will examine in detail whether land-based and online gambling are legal in Illinois. We will also examine precisely what the law allows and prohibits in the magnificent state of Illinois. In addition, we will provide a list of the best casinos for Illinois players, so remain tuned! The State of Illinois is pro-gambling and has its own Illinois Gaming Board. While the board does not permit online gambling in Illinois, it does permit online horse-race wagering on sanctioned sites. Illinois has additionally established its own online state lottery. However, as of late 2019, it is prohibited for an online casino to establish a presence in Illinois. Governor Pritzker of Illinois has just signed a landmark bill, 690, The Gambling Act of 2019. The Act significantly modifies Illinois’ wagering laws. The Illinois Gaming Board is evaluating these modifications and determining how to implement and regulate the Act. However, the changes are still in their infancy, and it is up to the Illinois Gaming Board to oversee and implement this new law. The law seeks to liberalize and legalize online gambling in Illinois, as well as expand the state’s already vibrant land-based gambling scene. Despite this, Illinois online participants eagerly await the Gaming Board’s implementation of the new law. In addition to horse wagering and the lottery, the state of Illinois has ten land-based and river-based casinos. In addition to these venues, there are numerous establishments with video slot machines and charitable wagering. Consequently, both land-based and online wagering are authorized in certain areas of Illinois!

Best Online Casinos in Illinois by CasinoTop10 must:


Be licensed and regulated; Accept participants over the age of 21 and US dollars;

Comply with the 2019 Illinois Gambling Act.

Legal Status of Illinois’ Land-Based and Online Casinos

The minimum age to gamble in Illinois is 21, including casinos, lotteries, and sports wagering. Some forms of land-based and online wagering are currently legal in Illinois. As a supporter of wagering regulations and online expansion, Illinois became one of the first states to offer a state-run online lottery. Illinois is unquestionably pro-online! The current legal framework allows for the following forms of gambling:


Online lottery Illinois is one of the few states that permits and facilitates online lottery.

Illinois has an established Racing Board that allows sanctioned sites to host online horse racing.

Only blackjack, roulette, poker, craps, draw tabs, bear, bang, the dealer, gin rummy, big six, chuck a luck, five-card stud poker, keno, merchandise wheel, and hold-em poker are permitted for charity games and events. This does not apply to online poker in Illinois.

The Video wagering Act of 2009 authorized the installation of wagering machines in licensed Retail Establishments, Truck Stops, Veteran and Fraternal Establishments. Real money wagering is restricted to a maximum of 5 machines per site. In Illinois, there are currently more than 2000 wagering machines.

The state of Illinois currently regulates ten casinos located on rivers. The Riverboat Gambling Act of 1990 made Illinois the second U.S. state to legalize riverboat gambling.

In 2012, 2013, and most recently in 2019, attempts to legalize all forms of online wagering in Illinois were made. Additionally, Illinois intended to expand land-based wagering throughout the entire state. The current proposition, which was passed in July 2019 and signed into law, is awaiting implementation and paves the way for:


The expansion of sports betting through racinos, additional video slot machines, six new land-based casinos, and mobile and online casinos.

According to ProPublica Illinois (2019), this could amount to: “7,000 video gambling establishments, 5,000 lottery-like sports betting kiosk locations, 16 casinos, five racinos, and online sports gambling and casinos accessible to millions of mobile phones or the internet.” The measure even permits video slot and poker machines at O’Hare and Midway airports in Chicago.” It is the ideal response to the abolition of PASPA, which is akin to a gambling revolution. PASPA prohibited online sports wagering


as unlawful under Federal law. Federal law trumps state regulation and establishes a national standard that all states must follow. However, as of now, it is still unlawful for online casinos to attempt to establish themselves in Illinois. With the exception of horse racing and online lottery, which are governed by the Illinois Gaming Board. In the absence of the 2019 Gambling Act, Illinois online casinos are prohibited from conducting business. It is illegal to operate, maintain, or establish a website that enables a person to play a game of skill or chance over the internet for money or anything else of value tallied as a wager on the outcome, including political odds. While the law addresses the position of the operator, it makes no mention of what Illinois residents may do or prohibits them from participating at non-Illinois online casinos. This refers to the acceptance of Illinois residents by international online casinos. This is in contrast to states like Washington, where online wagering is prosecuted.

Present-Day Land-Based Gambling in Illinois: The Riverbed Scene


Since the River-Bed Gambling Act of 1990, the ten land-based casinos in Illinois are a blessing for Illinois gamblers. These casinos are presently operating on the Illinois side of the Lake Michigan riverbed on the Chicago side, and they offer a wide variety of options. Obviously, if you desire to turn the reels of a Slot machine or play Video Poker, you can visit one of the numerous establishments authorized by the State under the Video Gambling Act of 2009. This indicates that there are numerous land-based gaming options for casino Slots and Video Poker players in Illinois. The vast majority of these casinos are located near Lake Michigan.


Casinos in Illinois

Casino Location Unique features Size

Hollywood CasinoJoliet Hotels, Shops20 Table Games 5 Poker Tables 1100 Slots

East Peoria Par-A-Dice Hotel Casino Shops and Restaurants20 Table Games 5 Poker Tables 1100 Slots

Harrah’s Joliet Casino and Hotel Attractions, Spa in Joliet8 Poker Tables 25 Table Games 1100 Slots

Grand Victoria Casino Elgin Restaurants25 Table Games 10 Poker Tables 1100 Slots

Restaurants at Rivers Casino Des Plaines, Chicago65 Table Games 1100 Slots

Illinois Statutes on Online Gambling

As we’ve discussed, the 2019 Gambling Act is poised to revolutionize online gambling in Illinois, even mentioning online and mobile! However, perseverance is required as this is a significant legislative overhaul. It requires a comprehensive regulatory framework, an increase in personnel, license design, and a great deal more. This is done to ensure that Illinois online wagering creates a secure, sustainable, and taxed online jurisdiction. Until then, it remains unlawful in Illinois to establish online casinos other than those licensed as horse betting sites. However, the law is ambiguous for players and speaks only from the operator’s perspective, not the players’. As in other jurisdictions, such as California, this leaves players in an uncertain position.


What do I need to understand about Online Casinos in Illinois?

Illinois’ online lottery is administered by the state; online horse-racing sites are legal if licensed and regulated by the Illinois Gaming Board; and international online casinos welcome Illinois players.

What Offshore Casino Gambling Regulations Mean for Illinois Players

Illinois is currently patiently awaiting the complete legalization of online gambling. Both the laws where they are established and those where they offer their services regulate online casinos. There is no Illinois law regarding online wagering by Illinois residents. Residents of Illinois are permitted to wager on horse racing and lotteries online under Illinois law.

State law in Illinois has presently legalized horse racing, the lottery, land-based video machines such as Slots, charitable games, and casinos on the Illinois River. As a result of forthcoming legislation, players will soon be able to enjoy the complete range of skill- and chance-based casino games, including:



Online Slots – classic, video, and progressive Tables – Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat.

Video Poker

Live Casino Tables

Bingo, scratch cards, and lottery diversions.

If you are currently an Illinois Player, you can find this variety of activities at any of the best sites. In addition, they would all be casinos that accept USD and provide exceptional welcome bonuses!

Cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, vouchers, and other USD-denominated options are available at online casinos to accommodate players from around the globe. Neteller has recently withdrawn from the U.S. market due to licensing concerns, but PayPal casinos are a preference among Americans. PayPal is supported by the majority of international casino sites. Therefore, these alternatives will be available once online gambling is legalized in Illinois. Currently, these options are available on the websites for Illinois’s online lottery and horse wagering.



FAQs about Online Gambling and Casinos in Illinois

Is online wagering Illinois legal?

Illinois is presently in the process of legalizing online and mobile casinos for online gambling.


Is online sports wagering legal in Illinois?

Currently, only certain forms of online sports betting, including horse racing, are lawful in Illinois.


Is Online Poker Illinois legal?

It is unlawful for Illinois casinos to offer online poker, but you can play Video Poker at one of the few licensed Video Machine establishments in Illinois.


Can I gamble at Illinois online casinos on my smartphone or tablet?

No, but shortly you will be able to gamble via mobile, desktop, or tablet at online casinos operated and regulated by the Illinois Gaming Board.


What casino activities are available at Illinois online casinos?

Currently, Illinois online platforms only offer horse racing and the lottery online. Slot machines, progressive rewards, card games, and live casino options will soon be authorized and regulated.


Can dollars be used to play casino games online?

Yes, the majority of online casinos accept USD. You will be able to find complete information on how to pay, play, and withdraw at top casinos in our casino evaluations.


Are these online casinos in Illinois regulated?

CasinoTop10 only recommends licensed and regulated online casinos. The finest sites also display the eCOGRA or iTech Labs logo, indicating that they have external RNG and RTP testing and are a legitimate gambling establishment.


Am I eligible to obtain an online casino bonus at a casino in Illinois?

Once online casinos that allow Illinois players are regulated, the answer is yes. These will offer extremely substantial welcome bonuses to entice you to sign up. Frequently, they offer match deposit or no deposit bonuses. Here you can learn more about online casino incentive offers.


What are the most prevalent online casino payment methods in Illinois?

Debit and Credit Cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are the most widely used online payment methods in the United States, while PayPal is the most popular e-wallet. These payment options are, however, exclusive to online horse wagering and lottery.


In Illinois, am I required to pay taxes on my gambling winnings?

Yes, you must pay tax on all gambling proceeds if you were an Illinois resident at the time you won!


Play Today at a Real Money Casino in Illinois!

With the burgeoning online gambling scene in Illinois, the future appears bright for avid online gamblers in Illinois. Currently, Illinois participants have access to online lottery and horse racing betting options. With the new Illinois law on online wagering, there is more to anticipate.

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